About Pediatric Urology

Like adults, children may experience a range of genitourinary conditions. Some may be congenital problems, such as undescended testicles, while others can develop over time or through infection. 
But children are not just small adults. At Oregon Urology Institute, our pediatric urologists are specially trained to work effectively with children. They know how to treat and examine children in a way that makes them feel relaxed and safe, and they are trained in using tools and procedures uniquely suited to your child’s needs.
If your pediatrician has recommended your child see a urologist, the following physicians can help:
  • Mark Carson, M.D.
  • Roger McKimmy, M.D.
  • Bryan Mehlhaff, M.D.
  • Brady Walker, M.D.


Depending on your child’s needs, we offer a wide variety of pediatric treatments and surgeries, including routine circumcision. Your child’s doctor will ensure that you understand and are comfortable with any procedure we recommend.